How to Quit Smoking Los Angeles

We know that the nicotine in cigarettes is physically addictive; furthermore, cigarettes can also become a psychological habit. Nicotine’s calming effect on the brain can lead to a pattern that is used to deal with stress, depression, anxiety, or even boredom. advises that you will need to address both the addiction and the habits and routines that you have developed around cigarettes to succeed with smoking cessation Los Angeles. These tips to stop smoking will help you navigate your path to better health.

According to, good reasons to quit smoking are:

  • Recovering your health and preventing further damage to your body.
  • Being mindful of those around you, including family and friends; second hand smoke has been proven to be harmful to the health of others in your environment.
  • Saving money by cutting out your expensive habit; you can save a few thousand dollars a year.

Tips to Stop Smoking offered by are:

  1. Identify your smoking triggers; for the first couple of months don’t drink alcohol, coffee, or any other drinks that serve as triggers for cigarette cravings. Try low-calorie fruit drinks or water instead.
  2. Stay away from activities, people, and places you link with smoking in order to avoid temptation.
  3. Keep your hands busy with something else – a pen, a key, a squeeze ball or a smooth stone, to help you through those first days.
  4. Find a substitute if you miss the feeling of a cigarette in your mouth, such as a mint, chewing gum, or lollipops.
  5. After you quit smoking, spend your time in a non-smoking environments, public places like museums or libraries and restaurants.
  6. Keep in mind why you decided to quit smoking in the first place.  Picture the people who are the most important to you and why you should stay on track for them.smoking cessation Los Angeles
  7. Always remember your goal; quitting is a process so you must be patient with yourself.
  8. Exercise to take your mind off smoking. You can start with simple exercises like touching your toes or even taking a walk.
  9. Talk to someone, call a friend or a help-line.

Create a personal plan to stop smoking:

  1. Know how to quit smoking by devising your own plan.
  2. Figure out which tips to stop smoking work best for you. Keep your list handy so you can refer to it for backup.
  3. Know how you will avoid situations that enhance your cravings.
  4. Choose a date to quit.
  5. Let your friends and family know that you are planning to quit and that you will need their support and encouragement.
  6. Remove all cigarettes from your house and clear out any stashes you have at work or in your car.

Another successful way to quit smoking Los Angeles is to try deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (deep TMS), which is a form of non-invasive and painless therapy for smoking cessation. Thirty minutes sessions where a helmet filled with metal coils is attached to your head can lead to reduced and then non-existant cravings for cigarettes. This new technology has already helped many people around the world stop smoking, and can help you, as well.

For more information about dTMS treatments for smoking cessation in Los Angeles, contact Westside Neurotherapeutics by phone at 310.946.0008 or online at

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