Does Los Angeles Smoking Cessation Therapy Work?

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of cancer and other illnesses that may cause premature death. It doesn’t only cause problems for the smoker, but also for the people around them who are being subjected to second hand smoke on a regular basis. That, coupled with the increasingly high prices of cigarettes is leading many smokers to try and quit the habit, but it is a hard addiction to beat. The benefits are clear to be seen; increased energy, decrease in the risk of attaining serious illnesses, amongst other things.

There are a multitude of smoking cessation aids on the market; some of the more popular options include nicotine substitution products, such as nicotine patches or gum. However, there are no universal methods that work for all people. This often leaves smoking searching for alternative methods that may help them overcome the addiction.

An alternative and side effect free way to try to stop smoking now is smoking cessation therapy and counseling. What is smoking cessation therapy? It is a therapy session with a trained professional that can help people to quit smoking by teaching them how to control their urges. These smoking cessation aids have proven to be very useful to certain individuals who are struggling to control their impulses. By using these methods, you will learn how to cope with your cravings as well as quit smoking for good.

Why Do People Smoke?

There is a lot of emphasis today being put on preventing people from taking up the habit in the first place as it is so hard to stop smoking. Every year, new laws are made with regards to what areas you can smoke in, and the taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco related products are always increasing in order to try and prevent people from smoking.

With so many things to discourage people from smoking, why do they start in the first place? Some people try cigarettes simply out of boredom and find smoking to be a novelty and some sort of excitement. Others  imitate their family or peers who smoke, as they have been constantly surrounded by the habit for years.

What Is Smoking Cessation Therapy?

A lot of people want to quit smoking, but they don’t have the right smoking cessation aids at their disposal. This is where smoking cessation therapy and counseling come prove to be useful. If you are unsure as to what is smoking cessation therapy, it is done with a professional who will walk you through the reasons why you smoke, either consciously or subconsciously. These cravings are often associated with some cue or stressor in your life, so you need to identify these and put a plan in place to deal with them. The counselor will help to develop a plan whereby you can change your behaviors in a positive manner and change your thought process so that you no longer have  impulses to smoke. You can do this in an individual or group basis. By working one on one, you will receive more individualized attention while working in a group setting will provide you with the support of other people that are going through the same process.smoking cessation aids California

There have been many studies showing the benefits of using therapy in order to quit smoking. An interesting study that was carried out in Austria, measuring the results of smoking cessation therapy when dealing with extremely heavy smokers showed great results. Heavily dependent smokers received three weeks of smoking cessation therapy. One year later, 42.6% of the patients were no longer smokers.

By changing the characteristics of typical smokers and developing comprehensive standards for treating smoking with therapy, the number of people effectively quitting smoking will sky rocket. Therapy will provide you with the tools and guidance to help stop smoking now and into the future.

Not many people can stop smoking cold turkey; instead, they need to try out different techniques and find what works best for them. Having regular Los Angeles smoking cessation therapy sessions will be able to get down to the root cause of  addiction and destroy it at its core. By changing the way you think and act, you will have a greater control over your life as a whole.

In addition to, or instead of, Los Angeles smoking therapy, another smoking cessation treatment worthwhile of trying is deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (dTMS). This is a new, yet already proven smoking treatment that helps smokers fight the urges to continue with the habit. In short, thirty-minute sessions, smokers are given a helmet to place on their head that connects with magnetic coils that send messages to their brain. Going deeper than the original treatment, TMS, hence the name deep TMS, these coils help to fight the urges to smoke. “A recent study [Dinur-Klein et al., In Press] tested the efficacy of Deep TMS over the PFC and the insula bilaterally on smoking addiction in 115 subjects who smoke at least 20 cigarettes per day and failed previous treatment. Subjects were randomized into 6 groups forming 3 Deep TMS stimulation conditions (10 Hz frequency, 1 Hz and sham) with or without presentation of smoking cues prior to Deep TMS sessions,” according to the company that founded Deep TMS, Brainsway.

For those interested in deep transcranial magnetic stimulation as a smoking cessation tool in Los Angeles, Westside Neurotherapeutics, provides these treatments to stop smoking . For more information, contact the company by phone at 310.946.0008 or online at

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