How to Fight Clinical Depression

Depression is very common in today’s society. Although the awareness of this mental illness has never been greater, and there have been great developments in treatments over the years, it is still an extremely difficult ailment to cure. While there are different options for treating clinical depression, they require trial and error in order to find the best treatment or combination of treatments for dealing with this disease.

When you are dealing with depression, you feel lost and helpless; your energy levels will drop considerably, leading you to feel sluggish and tired. It can feel as if there is no hope in sight. However, there is always help, hope and treatment available to help you overcome this illness. You need to be strong and try to fight back against the self-critical attacks and mentality that you have when you are suffering from this depression. It isn’t an easy process, but it is definitely worth all of the efforts exerted to help find a depression treatment that works.

What Is Clinical Depression?

Depression can strike anyone, at any time. Clinical depression is the most severe form of the illness. In order to be diagnosed with clinical depression, you need to have had at least five of the following symptoms that were outlined by the American Psychiatric Association over a two week period and nearly every day:

  • Lack of interest and pleasure in previously enjoyable activities
  • Depressed mood where you feel sad and empty
  • Not being able to sleep or feeling tired and sleepy all of the time
  • Large fluctuations in weight either gained or lost when not attempting to do so, as well as having a significant change in appetite
  • Low energy levels or fatigue
  • A certain restlessness or slowed behavior
  • Making risky and troublesome decisions
  • Feeling worthless or unnecessarily guilty
  • Thoughts of death and suicide

Los Angeles deep TMS for depressionAll of these symptoms can affect anyone, of any age and any background. Depression symptoms may cause friction within your relationships with family and friends. However, don’t despair; there are many different treatment methods out there that will teach you how to deal with depression.

The Best Treatments for Clinical Depression

Daily Routine

The most important thing to do in order to deal with depression is to get on a proper daily routine for your sleep, exercise and diet needs. These three pillars are fundamental in winning this fight as they will make you feel a lot better on a biological and cognitive level than you would otherwise.

By getting proper sleep at consistent times each and every day, you will have more energy. When you sleep, your body recovers from the day’s work; therefore, in order to be refreshed and enthusiastic, you need to be getting enough quality sleep. Studies have shown the link between not getting enough sleep and symptoms of depression.

Exercise is a great method of relieving stress as it releases endorphins that boost your mood and energy levels. This helps you to rid the feelings of helplessness and lethargy that are associated with depression. You should aim to do some form of vigorous exercise each and every day; this could be walking to the shops instead of driving, or simply doing jumping jacks at home while watching television.

By eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, you will feel more energetic and will experience less tiredness. People who constantly feel lethargic may be intolerant or allergic to a certain food group; therefore, it is worthwhile to get a blood test that looks at your micro nutrient levels, as these can often be lacking and may need to be supplemented. All of these can be huge contributing factors to your depression symptoms, and may can cause fatigue and insomnia.

Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Another great treatment method for dealing with clinical depression that has come onto the scene in recent years is deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (dTMS). This is a treatment method that utilizes magnetic fields in order to stimulate the nerve cells that are located throughout the brain in order to help ease the symptoms of depression.

This is a great treatment method to try if the more mainstream treatment methods such as SSRIs have not worked for you. There have been studies completed in the University of Oxford that highlight the effectiveness of using deep transcranial magnetic stimulation to help ease the symptoms of depression.

If you are suffering from clinical depression, it is not a lost cause; there is still plenty of room for hope. Every year, there are more and more advances in the research of the illness as well as learning better ways of how to deal with depression. Once you consult a medical professional, you will be able to develop a concrete plan of action that will get you well on your way to ridding yourself from this prevalent illness.

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